Victoria Dancewear. Your Dance Clothing Store

Victoria Dancewear is a dance costume design and manufacturing company inspired by a deep appreciation for the Art of Dance, and is proud to offer high quality and beautifully designed costumes to studios worldwide.


Our knowledge of the dance industry, coupled with extensive experience and creativity, allows us to produce unique and captivating costumes that remain faithful to traditions while inspiring dance professionals in their relentless journey. By understanding the needs of our customers and a continuous commitment to excellence, we strive to provide inspiration, quality and great value across our collection.


We stand out with our timely delivery of well priced and elegant costumes, our impeccable service, and our attention to detail. The process starts with a detailed selection of fabrics and embellishments, with special consideration given to color and the character of the costume. Then, the sample costumes are constructed on life sized mannequins and sewn by pattern makers trained in the European tradition. These practices result in a garment constructed with deep understanding of the dancer’s movements. The process ends with our commitment to deliver the most stress-free recital experience for our customers, thanks to our friendly customer service, flexible ordering system, and free exchange policy. Costumes are always in stock and ready to ship!


Continuous influence from an exciting and ever expanding dance culture in general, the needs of our customers in particular, support a unique environment where we as a company can continue to strive to create and deliver the best product we can.