From the Beginning...

Just as many of us started dancing at a very young age, Victoria started watching and learning about garment construction from her grandmother when she was just 3 years old. Victoria was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. While growing up, she remembers watching her grandmother, a local tailor, cutting fabrics and transferring them over to create beautiful garments. During her last two years of high school, Victoria finally had the opportunity to enroll in her own sewing and tailoring class in the community evening school. As soon as she graduated from high school, she followed her dreams and began a two year study program at the prestigious International House of Fashion in Kiev. Here, she was fortunate to study with one of the best instructors in couture sewing and dressmaking.


At the age of 19, Victoria immigrated to the United States with her family and began working as the production cutter for a factory specializing in hand painted silks. Returning to school, Victoria entered the Ray Vogue School of Design in Chicago, graduating in the top 1% of her class. During her time in school, Victoria continued working for the local designer as an assistant, providing patterns and sewing instructions for the sewing room. When she graduated, Victoria started up a designer sportswear company under the label Victoria March. As times began to change and department stores began taking over small fashion boutique stores, Victoria March officially closed its doors, and Victoria moved on.


It was during this time that Victoria reflected upon her childhood love of dance. While growing up, her dreams of taking dance classes were dampened by her family's economic conditions. So instead, Victoria began to create her own dance routines and perform them for her family. She took every opportunity she could to watch performances at the local ballet theatre and dance concert halls. And while she was unable to study dance, she did have the opportunity to study classical music, learning to play the piano from the age of 7 to 14.


Reflecting on these childhood ambitions, Victoria merged her love of fashion design and dance by accepting a position at Leo's Dancewear in 1994. During her time at Leo's, the child that had always wanted to learn to dance finally found the place she was meant to be. Victoria worked as Head Designer at Leo's for more than a decade until she decided it was time to move on. In 2006, Victoria was given the opportunity to launch a brand-new costume line at Revolution Dancewear. She left Leo's and accepted a position as Head Designer and Creative Director of the costume division at Revolution Dancewear.


Victoria continued to be inspired by the dance world. She began watching more dance performances, visiting dance competitions, and attending school recitals in her free time. When she decided to move on from Revolution in 2011, Victoria had no intention of leaving the dance community to return to the fashion industry. For within the dance world, she had discovered a new-found love, admiration, and respect for everyone in the dance community.


I feel, because it is such a unique and considerably small group of people, the energy and the enthusiasm is intoxicating. I feel privileged getting to know this industry intimately, and it makes my everyday work so much more everyday work takes me to the magical place of fantasies that are unique to the dance world.

This world is one that has captured us all. It propelled Victoria from her early beginnings in the fashion industry into the magical world of dance. But along the way, she learned a lot. Victoria's dream was to merge both worlds when she created Victoria Dancewear —to establish a company run by women with a clear vision for the future:

I want to use all of the knowledge and skills that I acquired throughout my professional career and training. I think my experience in garment construction within the European tradition will give our customers the advantage of having a professional-looking costume for a very reasonable cost. But I also want to combine this with my continued fascination and love for dance and my immense admiration for dancers. I promise to create costumes that will allow dancers to feel transformed from reality to the fantasy world that their teacher creates for them.

This world comes alive inside our warehouse every day. Together, we each create our own form of art. Victoria's artistic vision begins in our design room:

When I am working on the costume construction, I think of myself as a sculptor, molding the fabric to the curves of the dancer's body in such a way that the dancer can move freely without any restrictions.

But we know that your artistic process begins inside the studio. It begins when your vision of music, choreography, costumes, and lighting come together with your students in rehearsal. We hope that you will let us be a part of that process with you. And we look forward to creating a new vision for our future together.